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Diabolus in Musica "Hell's Bells"

“It wants to go somewhere. It wants to settle here, or [there]. You don’t know where it’ll go, but it can’t stop where it is.” - Gerald Moshell speaking on the "Devils tritone".

Our mission is to create feelings of ambiguous mystery in the user, challenging their idea of what is, and isn't, musically "correct" and encourage them to accept the unresolved tones for what they are and let their minds finish the story of what they are not. This installation will encourage the acceptance that nothing is absolute.

Burning Man, 2023 - Animalia (On Playa)
Decompression SF 2023
UnSCruz, 2024 - Portals Of Possibilities
Burning Man, 2024 - Curiouser & Curiouser (DM Camp)

Library Of Emotions

The Library of Emotion will be a hexagonal space that leverages music as a tool to convey each of Paul Eckman's 5 basic emotions (outlined in the "Atlas of Emotion")

Paul Eckman's "Atlas of Emotion", is a tool supported by the Dalai Lama to bring awareness to humanities 5 basic emotions (anger, fear, disgust, sadness, enjoyment).

The Library of Emotion will be a homage to the atlas, demonstrating the five emotions through music.

Leo Tolstoy once wrote “Music is the shorthand of emotion.”

The library will use the universal language of music to communicate the five basic emotional continents. Each of the hexagon's walls will be dedicated to represent the five unique emotions (the sixth wall being the entrance/exit). Each wall will display a facial representation of the emotion assigned to it. These faces will emit specific musical notes that when combined, with other ambient sources of notes, will form musical chords that inspire the emotion of that wall in the listener. As a listener wanders through the library they will be physically and mentally traversing the spectrum of emotional spaces found in the clouds of music the space contains.

Our next Art installation is currently being created! "The Library Of Emotion". Stay tuned for concept art, VR Tours, and where the installations debut.